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Who we are

E Squared Event Planning & Party Design 

We are a virtually operated event planning company that helps individuals spread love, positivity, and togetherness through events by guiding them step by step throughout all aspects of planning. Our services alleviate the tedious and often stressful tasks that come with planning so that people can just enjoy the moments they create. Our packages are unique in that we offer options for a DIY (do it yourself) event where we provide you with all the tools to plan, execute and set up yourself on the day of your event. We also offer a custom package that is tailor made based on your needs. This is perfect for those who do not want to DIY their event and would like someone available the day of.

Through difficult times such as these, surrounding ourselves with people we love and creating lifelong memories are the things that give us the perseverance to push through. Strip away planning, décor, logistics etc., events/ gatherings at its core are simply just that. Moments that create lifelong memories where we talk, laugh, dance, eat and commune with loved ones. Those experiences are the ones E Squared desires to be a part by removing all of the stressful and time-consuming tasks and guiding you straight to the joy of togetherness. Our lives are busier than ever with our careers, parenting and simply everyday life and saving time where possible is crucial. We want to get back to a place where we are able to celebrate and laugh together, be united and spread joy but not at a blow to our leisure time. All of these reasons are why E Squared started. We create events and help bring forth joyful experiences through careful planning while removing the stress, time consumption and excessive energy.


Choose the package that best suites your needs and schedule your free consultation.

Step 01

Provide us with a short description of what kind of event you are looking for and we will contact you for your free video consultation on the date and time you select. 

Step 02

Give us the deets. Gather any details you may have regarding your event prior to your appointment so we can discuss your goals/ requirements.

Step 03

Lets Get

The Party


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