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About Me -E, 

How It All Started...

Starting as a fashion design major, I decided early on that I wanted to learn more about running my own business. I switched to Fashion Merchandising and attended FIT in a 3+1 program that allowed me to do just that. I always enjoyed helping my father run his video production business as a child. Working on the business side of the fashion industry for over seven years, I still had a heart for creativity.

So, I decided to create customized events for friends and family and received great feedback from their guests. I realized that providing a unique experience using my cost-effective tactics provides the absolute best outcome. In doing so, I took over the "grunt work" (the part most people look forward to least) when planning an event. Starting this business was something I longed for but never had the time to invest in because of the nature of the fashion industry.


After three years of marriage, my husband and I were blessed to find out we were pregnant! While working long hours, I questioned how I would find childcare when we live five hours away from family. I wondered if I would even have the guts to separate from my baby. Working for a company where I was one of five women in the department and the first pregnant employee did not make it any easier. Even after I drafted a proposal requesting to work from home a few days a week and ensure it would not compromise productivity, I was denied. 


Immediate anxiety about the unknown struck me.

The Pandemic...

Then Covid-19 hit. My company informed us we would be working from home on a Monday, and on that Friday, I was laid off. 


I was nine months pregnant and went into labor that same night! On March 22, 2020, I received the greatest gift, a baby girl named Elia-Eden. I had her two weeks early and precisely one day before hospitals would no longer allow fathers in hospital rooms. Though I was having a baby amid a pandemic and suddenly lost my job, I felt a sense of peace as though it was all fate. As one of the many nurses (I now call angels) told me, "God always has a plan." 


My dream has always been to create an event planning service that allows me to connect with my clients while using my platform to create events of my own that would give back to my community. As a half Black and half Puerto Rican woman married to a half black and half French-Canadian man, I have always desired to help the communities we relate to most.

What Drives E Squared?

E Squared is dedicated to helping empower individuals by creating uplifting and motivating events. So, throughout my journey of uphill battles, one thing has remained the same: No matter how things look or feel, it is all part of a process that got you to your destiny. 


 Visit our E-vents page for more information!


Peace and Love.


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